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How to wash your car properly

A lazy car enthusiast usually uses paid car washes. A car owner who really cares about his "iron horse" and takes the time to bring it into proper shape, prefers to wash the car on his own. There are two ways to clean the car from dirt: hand wash and wash with the help of special technical means. Let's dwell on each of them in detail.

Hand washing is the easiest way to remove dirt from your car. To do this, the car enthusiast will need the following inventory: a bucket, a suede cloth, a microfiber cloth, a telescopic brush with a foam roller and a water squeegee, a porous sponge, a wheel brush, detergent (car shampoo) and plenty of water. Ideally, this should be an artificial or natural body of water (with the condition that dirty water does not drain into it). Or, if the situation permits, tap water. The shampoo for such a wash is selected depending on the hardness of the water used and the degree of dirtiness of the car. Manual car wash procedure is quite simple.

Step one: we douse the car from top to bottom with a lot of water. We pour most of the water onto the body, the wheels are usually the most polluted places. Glasses require less moisture. Thus, we knock down the first layer of dirt from the body surface - various organic particles and silicates.

Step two: we “lather” the car with car shampoo - it is needed to remove the second layer, which consists of soot, tar and a mixture of exhaust gases with dust. To do this, use a porous sponge, wetting it abundantly in water diluted with shampoo. The water in the bucket must be warm to allow the detergent to dissolve normally and form a washable composition.

Step three: let the shampoo act on the dirt (time varies depending on the degree of dirtiness of the surfaces). At this time, you can remove dirt deposits from the rims with a brush.

Step four: rinse off the previously applied shampoo with plenty of water. Having doused the car with water from a bucket, using a brush with a foam roller and a water squeegee, we clean the soapy places. Moreover, the squeegee is used to remove excess moisture from the glass.

Step five: remove the remaining water and detergent from the car body, glass, rims, internal surfaces (sills, doorways) using special suede or microfiber napkins. We make sure that there are no streaks on the body, glass. If they are, you will have to repeat the rinsing procedure again. After all, stains indicate that there are residues of detergent on the car, which can react with the paintwork and cause corrosion over time (especially if the body already has damage - scratches, chips).

Step six: thoroughly dry the car, if necessary polishing its body to a shine using special napkins.